Monday, September 12, 2011

Ginger Lamb, not a recipe.


Tangle of lambs in the sunshine.

One of my gang of five lambs is one of triplets and she has her own story. Lambing this year has been difficult with prolapse and toxaemia common throughout the district. We had a ewe with prolapse but Bruce had treated her successfully. When she started lambing he decided to assist her and he delivered two live lambs. When I checked on them later there was a third dead lamb with her.  One lamb was lively and vocal and she appeared to be mothering it, but the little ewe lamb was quite weak so I decided to bring her in by the fire and bottle feed her.

We had to treat her for pneumonia, but she gradually improved. I called her Ginger because of the colour on her face and legs and she is easily distinguishable from the other lambs. Unfortunately her sibling died, but little Ginger Ninja [as Nique calls her] is now growing well and thriving.

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