Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lamb Tales

As Spring goes on and the weather improves, it is time on the farm for lamb marking. We have about 260 ewes, divided into 3 mobs. Each mob is herded into the yards and the lambs are separated from the ewes via the drafting race. Ewes go in one pen, lambs in another. It is very noisy with all the ewes and lambs bleating for each other.

Each lamb is lifted up and secured in a specially designed holding cradle. They are inoculated, earmarked [hence "lamb marking"] and an elastrator ring is put on it's tail. This cuts off the bloodflow and the tail eventually falls off. The ram lambs are de-sexed using the same method. Doing this ensures a low risk of flystrike during the warmer months. By counting the number of tail rings used, we are able to work out how many lambs we actually have.

The whole family gathers for this annual event and their help is greatly appreciated.  They make a great team working together to get this essential farm work done. It is also wonderful to have everybody at home sharing tea breaks and meals and spending some time together.

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