Saturday, April 14, 2012

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'The Baby is Asleep" Albert Roelofs
For me, the best thing about the internet is finding all sorts of images and imformation. By Blogging, many people generously share their skill, knowledge and experience with everyone. I was recently researching the best sizes for crib, bassinet and cot quilts. One blogger had made many quilts as gifts and listed the standard sizes in metric and imperial. She also expressed her opinion about making a quilt as a gift for a new baby, claiming that smaller ones were a waste of effort because of their limited use. She felt the larger cot and single bed sizes were the better option.

    Perhaps the effort depends on the recipient, I made this little quilt using the last pieces of my most favourite fabrics and quilted it quite robustly. It has some blue in it, but also some tiny flowers so it is not gender specific. The brighter colours make a nice change from pastels. It machine washed well so hopefully the new Mum will find it practical and useful. Welcome beautiful Baby.

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