Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Varda and the Charabanc.

Late last year we imported two caravans from Britain. The larger one is going to our beach block while we build a holiday house and the smaller one was bought to fill up the shipping container with the intention of selling it.

Recently we took the little one on a trip to Northern NSW. Due to an incident involving tools, the local ED and stitches, our start date was delayed. We had to be in Sydney on a certain date to collect an online auction purchase, so we traveled straight up the Hume Highway. The little van towed really well and we stopped for the night at Gunning. I had our dinner ready and just had to heat it up in the gas oven. The temperature the next morning was 4 degrees below zero, there was thick ice on the windscreen and coffee was 45K away!

Fortunately, the auction purchase was near the Craft Depot in Sydney and I was of course desperately in need of more fabric, so that worked out well for all concerned. I learnt that the Hume Highway is all about trucks and Gunning was the coldest place in the state that morning.

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