Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moomin Quilt

2014 is the 100 year anniversary of Tove Jansson's Birthday. I loved the Finn Family Moomintroll when I was very young, they were very happy creatures full of love and kindness. Tove Jansson's illustrations and stories were beautiful and imaginative. I had no idea that a whole world of merchandise had been created based on her illustrations of the Moomintrolls! There is crockery, cutlery, apparel and fabrics as well as other items available.

This is my second Moomin Quilt, the first one was supposed to be for our very first Grandchild, but (in my ignorance) it was not suitable for a child because it was a log cabin quilted with buttons, so not very safe for a little one. This one however is suitable, being all cotton, robustly quilted and machine washable. The backing was sourced on Etsy from a seller in Finland.

I am very pleased with this Quilt and a lot of love has gone into it's making. Welcome home beautiful baby girl.





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