Monday, July 14, 2014

Singer Featherweight 221

I have bought myself a Singer Featherweight 221 and had it serviced and safety checked. Now I am sewing with it and learning about it as I go. There is lots of information about these machines on the internet and I have discovered mine was made in 1954, which makes it older than me. It only has straight stitch and can sew in reverse if you pull the stitch lever up. The early Singer Sewing Machines were very attractive and this one is shiny black with gold decorations. It is surprisingly quiet and occasionally a little puff of smoke appears out of the motor (but sadly, no Genie!) Our Eldest Son told me I should be using the old wooden spools because the plastic reel and the barcode just didn't look right.

I had a sewing companion this morning and we had some welcome sunshine coming the window.



  1. That machine looks to be in immaculate condition. It's always nice to have some winter sunshine.

  2. Such a beautiful old machine!


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