Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Polite Beggar and a Scruffy Man

The Cailleach will be girning!
Cailleach- Old woman, Girning- Complaining

We had a short interlude in the City of Melbourne last week, going to see King Kong and having a meal out.

King Kong was very enjoyable and afterwards we walked up Collins St to have a late lunch. Now, call me old fashioned but whatever happened to keeping to the left on the footpath? That was drummed into us as children especially on busy streets. People just wander about all over the place, stopping suddenly to look at their phones or go into a huddle about where to have their coffee! We had a beggar propping in front of us and he stopped the traffic going both ways. But he was very polite and asked nicely for money.

After our lunch we battled our way back down to Swanston St so I could visit a fabric and notions store I have wanted to see since it opened. We found the building and I went in the lift and my husband went to have a coffee. A very scruffy man who had been loitering in the corridor doubled back and dodged into the lift behind me. Some instinct kicked in and I hit the door open button and told my husband, who had only gone a few paces, I was taking the stairs.

I hope I am not doing the scruffy man an injustice, but he didn't visit the fabric store or the bead shop. I wonder if I did avoid an incident?

L'uccello is full of beautiful things and I bought some Liberty Print fabric I have been admiring for some time.

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