Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vintage Paper Dolls

I spoke too soon on Sunday when I said I was feeling better. My flu developed into an ear and throat infection needing antibiotics and then another visit to the Doctor with the worst Migraine I have ever had. These days Migraines are treated with a nose spray which was luckily very successful, avoiding a trip to ED.

Tonsillitis was quite a problem for me when I was a child and they were taken out at 4 years old and again when I was 11. Entertainment for the invalid were books, drawing and occasionally I had paper dolls to play with. We were never given colouring books. Being talented at painting and drawing, my mother didn't believe in them.

I loved Betsy McCall and also remember we had some of George and Martha Washington. There are plenty of sheets of paper dolls available from the Internet and I have printed a couple to cut for d├ęcoupage. It is comforting when you are unwell to revisit a simple childhood pleasure.

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