Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bikes and Ladders

We went to Tasmania on the boat so I was able to take my bike. It has been many, many years since I have ridden a bicycle, so I am pretty wobbly, but it is fun getting out and about and noticing the details you miss when driving.

There was not a lot I could do to help with the house building but I did do some painting of the door and window frames and the skirting boards. There are no stairs yet and I had to use the ladder, another thing I am rather shaky on. I am ok going up, but slower to get down. My husband climbs up and down ladders as easy as anything!

There were a lot of wildflowers out on the coastal heathland, I saw at least three different coloured heath flowers and what looked like a miniature thryptomine as well as small wattles and banksia. I must get some information about the native flora in this area. There is a lot of tea tree of course and we really like the sheoaks.


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