Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lamb Tales

"All young animals are appealing but the lamb has been given an unfair amount of charm"  James Herriot, "If Only They Could Talk" 1970

It has been a hard Winter this year, continual rain, knee deep mud, and cold!  Our big Tractor has been in for repairs so the little one has been used for feeding the cows their hay. It has no cabin, so avoiding the rain has been difficult and the mud is making for very hard work.

A Tangle of lambs
 We have been lambing for some weeks now and we have lost quite a few ewes to Toxaemia and Prolapse. One really bad day I had 5 cardboard boxes with lambs in them in front of the fire. One set of twins, one triplet, one very noisy abandoned lamb and one quiet abandoned lamb. As the evening progressed I was able to feed them a little cow's colostrom Tom had collected from the dairy. The living room became very noisy as the lambs dried out and warmed up and by 12.30 three were off to the woodbox in the shed with a hot water bottle and the 2 quieter ones settled down by the fire for the night.

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