Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lamb Tales

The morning after my chaotic night home alone with the five lambs, we were able to foster the noisy and the quiet abandoned lambs onto a ewe. Her lamb had died, but she wouldn't leave it so she really wanted to mother something. This has been a success and they are thriving.

The twins were kept in the woodbox and fed cow's colostrum, then milk. The little ewe, who had been partially cleaned up was really lively and continued to thrive. Her brother, who had not been cleaned up at all wasn't very well for a few days. We gave it an injection of a drug we use in these cases and added yoghurt to their milk and he improved very quickly.

When I started to put them out during the day in a small pen we have I put a little coat on him I had made out of an old coat sleeve. It looks a little strange, but it does the trick, keeping them warm in the changable weather.

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