Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tell the Face 'cos the Hand WONT Listen!

I know I have enough fabric supplies to last at least two lifetimes. I know I definitely did not need to bid on a moving house sale lot of 3-4 bin bags of "patchwork fabric, vintage sheets and much more!'. But my fingers went tappity tap and I was the highest bidder. Vintage sheets are so popular now and difficult to find so I was sure there would be a sniper about for this auction.  I sat on my hands as the last minute counted down, but the lot was mine.

It was a local pick up and and when I corresponded with the seller she said she may have underestimated the quantity a little.

There were 16 bags in the end and I thought my boot would explode on the way home. My daughter very kindly relieved me of a couple of bags of the fabric that she liked and a couple more have gone to the op shop. I have been sorting and washing and ironing and starting to cut out squares for a doona cover. I have already made a few bibs, I am up to hemming 4 skirts and experimenting with a dress for a little girl.

It is just as well I am planning new storage cupboards for my workroom.


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