Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Nourishment

I have been reading the "Fast Diet" and even during fasting you still need some nourishment. They recommend consuming only 500 calories on two non consecutive days a week and you will be sure to lose weight, improve your health and memory. Sounds like a plan and I can try it alongside my fabric fast which also needs some nourishment. That was acheived late last week with a vist to Gail B and a purchase of some Kona cotton, a cream blender and a blue and white stripe fabric for a binding. All for finishing two quilts that I am making at the moment. A lot of bloggers have made the same commitment as I have of not buying any new patchwork fabric this year and there are many groups you can link up with for encouragement. I don't need any of that, my daughter is keeping me on track.


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