Monday, January 13, 2014

Some Serious Gardening

The garden got away from me towards the end of last year, but since the Christmas fun finished we have been working on catching up. Lots of weeding, cutting back and mowing. Trailer loads of garden waste have been piled on the fire heap and hundreds of bulbs dug up where some trees were removed. The garden beds beside the new path to the kitchen terrace are doing well now. I had to put guards made from gutterguard and cable ties around every plant to protect them from the rabbits and then put in stakes with hay band tied between to stop the blackbirds digging everything out.

The cannas and the agapanthus are blooming well and the potted dahlias are flowering cheerfully. I even have two lots of buds on the frangipani . It hasn't been too hot yet and we have had some rain so I haven't had to water very much, apart from the pots. The weather has been just right for serious gardening.

My favourite garden implement
Frangipani Buds
Canna Lilies


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